Manufacturing supplier of the Multifit range of Orthoses and a major
UK distributor of the Darco range of Orthopaedic Products
and the Heelift Family of Products
01986 798120


Our Footwear Products

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Air Traveller Walker Body Armour Walker proterm-th Relief-dualshoe-thRelief-dual-insole-th Body Armour Walker

Medical-Surgical Boot Square Toe Darby Shoe Heelwedge Ortho Boot Orthowedge Healing Shoe Night Splint Softie Shoe

Hi Boot - Flat Sole Hi Boot - Rocker Sole Open Toe Cast Boot Slimline Cast Boot Square Toetwinshoe wcs-th WCS-ight-th

Our Paediatric Range



Formerly known as V-M Marketing Orthotics International