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This product is sold individually and not in pairs
The fit is universal and therefore fits both left and right feet

Heelift® AFO Boot

Heelift AFO offers all of the benefits patients and caregivers have come to expect from an ankle foot orthosis device, and it also offers the quality that the Heelift name has offered for more than 30 years. The soft foam of the boot not only protects the leg from irritation and friction but also prevents injury to the opposite leg. The combination of added protection and the ability to customise the product separates Heelift AFO from other products in the industry.

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  • Durable, Yet Soft, Smooth Exterior: Allows the patient's leg to glide easily across the sheets.

  • Semi-rigid polypropylene brace: While many orthotics are rigid and put patients at risk, the soft foam of Heelift AFO, together with the semi-rigid polypropylene brace, provide the best possible control of the ankle's position and motion while also allowing for limited weight bearing.

  • Customisable foam pads: Like Heelift Suspension Boot, Heelift AFO allows for customisation via a 5-centimetre, bevelled fixed pad. The pad elevates the heel and also protects the Achilles tendon. An additional spare pad with an adhesive backing is also included. The spare pad can be used to control hip rotation.

  • Two types of foam: Heelift AFO is available with a smooth foam interior (ideal for edematous legs) or a convoluted foam interior (a slightly cooler option).

  • Non-slip traction sole: Heelift AFO has a non-slip traction sole that allows limited weight bearing while also helping to prevent slippage. This feature assists in transfers from bed, wheel chairs, commode, or physical therapy. Assistance is still recommended for ambulating patients.

  • Low friction tricot backing: Allows better mobility for patients while in bed.

  • Washable/Autoclavable: Like other Heelift products, Heelift AFO can be washed safely in a net or mesh laundry bag and can be autoclaved for sterility. For more information visit our instructions page.



Heelift AFO is indicated for the following:

  • Dorsiflexion ankle support for paralysed legs

  • Comfortable night splint

  • Treatment/Prevention of plantar flexion contracture

  • Treatment of Achilles tendonitis

More detailed information about Indications here