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HLT logoThe Heelift Traction Boot

The Heelift Traction Boot provides an inventive method of applying skin traction to help stabilise femur fractures prior to surgery and to help prevent heel pressure ulcers after surgery.

With up to ten pounds straight skintraction for fracture pain relief, the latex-free Heelift Traction Boot helps prevent heel and lateral malleolar ulcers. It also averts peroneal nerve pressure injury at the fibular head, as well as providing forefoot support to avoid heel cord contracture. During the pre-surgical period when the patient lacks the ability to control the leg, the Heelift Traction Boot elevates the leg and controls foot drop and rotation.

After surgery, the side traction straps, traction bar, and rope can be removed, converting the Traction Boot into a Heelift Standard Suspension Boot to help prevent pressure ulcers.

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  • Customisable foam boot with fixed elevation pad.

  • Spare pad with adhesive backing to customise the boot for any unusual problems or for specific needs.

  • Velcro® side traction straps.

  • Removable traction bar and rope.

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