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For use with
MedSurg™ Medical Surgical Shoe

and the Darco Relief Dual shoe

New from Darco:

Puzzle Insole®


For targeted pressure relief. This modular insole was developed for plantar pressure redistribution with specific use after forefoot and midfoot surgery.

Indications (by removing portions of the black insole and replacing with portions of the blue insole):

  • Tailor’s Bunion (Digitus Superductus)

  • Jones Fracture (Puzzle module ends at the Lisfranc’s joint line)

  • MTPI – Arthrodesis

  • Austin-, Scarf- and Akin-Osteotomy

  • Closing-and Opening-Wedge-Osteotomy

  • Crescentic-Osteotomy

  • Lapidus-Arthrodesis (TMT1-Arthrodesis)

  • Youngswick-Osteotomy (Puzzle module ends at Cuneiforme I)

  • Weil-and /or Helal-Osteotomy I-IV)

  • Morton’s Neuroma

  • Hammer toe procedures

  • PIP-Arthrodese

  • Metatarsal Fractures II-IV and PIP-Arthrodes

  • Shortening-Osteotomies Metatarsals II-IV (Puzzle module ends at the proximal end of Metatarsals II-IV)

Watch the video: Puzzle Insole®
Off-loading Insoles - System for selective off-loading

Each Puzzle Insole® system includes a black high-density EVA sole, and a separate blue lower density sole. By replacing the interchangeable modules, the patient can achieve the correct pressure distribution for each indication.

Additional pressure relief of up to 22% in the front section is effected by the wedge-shaped sole which tapers toward the heel. Designed to be worn with the MedSurg™ shoe and the Relief Dual shoe.






As used with the Darco Relief Dual shoe


Size Guide:

Size UK Shoe Size Product Code
Mens Small
6 - 7
Mens Medium
7.5 - 9
Mens Large
9.5 - 11
Mens X-Large
11.5 - 13
Womens Small
up to 3.5
Womens Medium
4 - 5.5
Womens Large
6 - 8

Universal fit left/right