Manufacturing supplier of the Multifit range of Orthoses and a major
UK distributor of the Darco range of Orthopaedic Products
and the Heelift Family of Products
01986 798120




  • Prices are available direct from ourselves and are not published on our website
  • We are primarily bulk suppliers to the National Health Service and Trade
  • We can offer various discount structures dependent on quantity and product mix and would be happy to discuss your particular requirements with you

  • We do supply to members of the public via Ebay – the quickest and cheapest way of receiving our goods.
  • Please go to and our seller name is vmorthotics which you can type into the main search bar in Ebay. This will enable you to see all of our available products. If you simply do not buy online you can contact us for pricing information and we can then arrange delivery once payment has been made via BACs or cheque.




Formerly known as V-M Marketing Orthotics International