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for the treatment & prevention of pressure ulcers

V-M Orthotics Ltd introduces our latest pressure off-loading cushions – the all up®seat, head & universal long. A product range that has been developed in collaboration with leading European wound care nurses, ensuring optimum comfort & hygiene in the treatment & prevention of pressure ulcers. all up® products are user-specific & disposable with an ergonomic design that provides good stability. The external layer is made of soft, flexible, heat & moisture absorbent non-woven material, which makes the all up® comfortable to use.


  • Simple to use: the all up® is inflated before use, the inflation levels can be adjusted to suit the patient's anatomy, comfort & needs

  • Single patient & single-use ensures that optimum hygiene levels are maintained

  • The all up® range of products is suitable for effective treatment & prevention of bruises & pressure ulcers on the most vulnerable parts of the body - hips, elbows, shoulders, back, head etc.

  • The products are multi-functional, i.e. the same product can be used in different configurations to optimise the prevention & treatment of pressure ulcers

  • Manufactured using a four layer material. Two inner layers are made from polyethylene film. The two outer layers are made from a combined polyethylene & polypropylene non-woven material that is skin friendly & moisture absorbent. Even with the slightest movement, the cushion will stimulate the microcirculation of the skin, which optimises circulation

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  • Available in clean, sealed & slim packaging and comes in a space saving dispensing box of 12

  • Includes an inflation device, with manual & electronic pumps also available for sale separately

  • Designed & manufactured in Denmark, tested & approved in accordance with ISO 10993-10  skin irritation & sensitisation

  • Available in three different cushion models:

the all up® head
the all up® seat
the all up® universal long.

  • The all up® comes with a 3 year use by-date from the date of manufacture

  • The all up® has been successfully tested with a weight pressure of 150 kg over a period of 14 days

  • Clinical case studies for the all up® have been undertaken by the manufacturer Levabo in conjunction with Odense University Hospital in Copenhagen

Clinical Feedback:

Orthopaedic Department, Odense University Hospital: “The all up® seat cushion has been successfully used with patients both sitting in wheelchairs & those confined to bed (lying position) – & where the cushion is used as a support for the lower back (sacrum and coccyx). It provides good moisture & heat dissipation & has been well received by patients &  staff.”

Department of Vascular Surgery Slagelse Hospital: “The all up® wing cushion has been successfully used for treating Decubitus prophylaxes & within a more general therapeutic setting. The device has been viewed positively by care teams & those patients using them for support of the lower leg.”

Size Guide:

Description Dimensions (l,w,d) Product Code
all up universal long
70cm x 55cm x 8cm
all up seat
45cm x 45cm x 10cm
all up head
30cm x 28cm x 5cm
Manual Pump
28.5cm x 4.5cm
pump nozzle + tube x 10