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heel up kids

for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers

V-M Orthotics Ltd introduces our latest pressure off-loading device - the heel up®. A product range that has been developed in collaboration with leading European wound care nurses, ensuring optimum comfort and hygiene in the prevention and treatment of heel pressure ulcers.

heel up® products are user-specific and disposable with an ergonomic design that provides good stability. The external layer is made of soft, flexible, heat and moisture absorbent non-woven material, which makes the heel up® comfortable to wear.


  • Simple to use: the heel up® is inflated before use, the inflation levels and fastening can be adjusted to suit the patient's anatomy, comfort and needs

  • Single patient and single-use ensures that optimum hygiene levels are maintained

  • The heel up® is manufactured using a four layer material. Two inner layers are made from polyethylene film. The two outer layers are made from a combined polyethylene and polypropylene non-woven material that is skin friendly and moisture absorbent

  • The heel up® is shaped with a deepening for the Achilles tendon and to a height that supports the foot

  • Even with the slightest movement, the heel-up® will stimulate the microcirculation of the skin, which optimises circulation

  • The heel up® off-loads the heel for the prevention and treatment of heel pressure ulcers. It is designed to be used when bedbound patients need comfortable pressure relief

  • Available in clean, sealed and slim packaging and comes in a space saving dispensing box of 12

  • Includes an oral inflation device, with manual and electronic pumps also available for sale separately

  • Designed, tested manufactured in Denmark in accordance with ISO 10993-10 skin irritation and sensitisation

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  • Available in 6 different sizes, intended for use in the following conditions: -

  • Kids - available in 2 sizes - Extra-Small and Small (15cm and 20 cm) - for bed bound children and adolescents

  • Short - for patients in wheelchairs

  • Medium - designed for use by bed bound patients only, comes with a red strap for supporting the heel up under the patient's knee

  • Long - designed for use by bed bound patients only, comes with a blue strap for supporting the heel up under the patient's knee. The long version ensures even pressure and support on the lower leg up to the knee

  • Max - designed to give complete heel relief for those likely to be in bed for longer due to its increased air chamber thereby giving total off-loading.The device is shaped to fit the Achilles tendon with a height that supports the foot. It has a slightly longer heel-toe height of 30cm, for those with larger feet. It comes with a blue strap for supporting the lower leg under the knee.

  • The heel up® comes with a 3 year use by-date from the date of manufacture

  • The heel up® has been successfully tested with a weight pressure of 150 kg over a period of 14 days

  • Clinical case studies for the heel up® have been undertaken by the manufacturer Levabo in conjunction with Odense University Hospital in Copenhagen

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Clinical Feedback:

Allaina Eden, Physiotherapy Service Lead for Critical Care, Cardiothoracic Surgery and Cardiology, Papworth Hospital: "We have used a number of heelups® within ICU, with the physio and nursing staff reporting positive feedback. They are easy to use, and our tissue viability team are much happier with the surface cover compared with other products. We've had no issues with skin integrity when using the heelups®. We have tended to use the medium and large sizes finding these the most appropriate for our patients."

Karen Kristensen, Nurse, Silkeborg Municipality: “The heel up® remained in place while the patient slept, unlike many other devices that have been tested. The heel up is comfortable to sleep in and is currently being successfully used for heel-pressure offloading.” Aase Fremmelevholm, Odense University Hospital, Southern Denmark: “The heel up® (medium and long) have been released for general use in all hospitals in southern Denmark and have been used successfully for treating Decubitus prophylaxes. We have had a very positive experience of using the heel up range of products in terms of clinical outcome.”

Pressure Offloading Test Results: Illustrating heel pressure mapping with patient lying supine – images left to right show patient without devices, with a right heel up® and with a pair being worn and no heel pressure being evident.


Dimensions of heel up® products:

Description Dimensions (l,w,d) Product Code
heel up® kids (15cm)
25cm x 15cm x 11cm
heel up® kids (20cm)
33cm x 20cm x 14cm
heel up® short
32cm x 25 cm x 18cm
heel up® medium
39cm x 25cm x 18cm
heel up® long
48cm x 25cm x 18cm
heel up® max
50cm x 30cm x 18cm

The heel up® comes in a space saving dispensing box containing 12 units. However you can order whatever quantity you choose. For bulk orders of 36 or more units (any mixed quantity) delivery will be carriage free - please ring for details or email us